Motivational Interviewing and Node Link Mapping (MI-MAP)

This popular training course shows practitioners how to combine Motivational Interviewing techniques with node-link mapping to help their clients create lasting behavioural change.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence by guiding individuals to find their own reasons to change. MI can be used to clarify values and help clients come to their own conclusions about how important it is to them to change, how confident they are to change and their readiness to apply the change.

Course outline

Node-link mapping is a simple yet effective way for practitioners to explore problems and solutions with their clients. Mapping helps simplify complex issues, provides a memory aid, and visual stimulus that turns thoughts into facts when used by the client. Mapping reinforces a spirit of co-production, encouraging individuals to create their own goals, increasing their sense of autonomy and accountability.

Learning outcomes

  • Definitions of MI and node-link mapping
  • MI spirit and building rapport.
  • Communication styles.
  • Reflective practice.
  • Understanding the dynamics of motivation.
  • Supporting change.
  • Overcoming resistance.
  • Importance and confidence.
  • Working with ambivalence.
  • Change talk.
  • Motivating those who are ‘stuck’ in treatment.

Maximum numbers



Two days

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