Therapeutic Group Work Skills

Working in groups enables people to see that they are not alone and allows them to be heard and to feel accountable for their goals. Groups and pods help people create support networks that are integral to moving into the community. They build confidence and prepare people to approach other groups, from mutual aid to community forums. Group and pods provide an effective alternative to one-to-one interventions.

With ever-increasing caseloads, practitioners are under huge time pressure. Being able to offer groups and pods means services can offer immediate help and engage people in services when motivation is high, rather than putting them on waiting lists for one-to-one interventions.

Course outline

This training is designed to build the confidence of practitioners to facilitate effective groups, whilst also changing long-held beliefs that a one-to-one, professional-patient model of working is more effective than peer-led recovery that is simply guided by an experienced professional.

Learning outcomes

  • How to prepare for a group or pod.
  • Expectations and boundaries.
  • Effective use of multimedia.
  • Group evolution and dynamics.
  • Leadership, equal opportunities and roles.
  • Accommodating different learning styles.
  • Group work materials and formats.
  • Unstructured group role play, observation and feedback.
  • Structured group role play, observation and feedback.

Maximum numbers



Two days

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