Family Coaching

Health and social care providers have traditionally worked with clients in isolation from their families, despite family relationships being widely recognised as integral to sustaining long term behavioural change. More services are now investing in developing Family Coaches, who provide families and significant others with the knowledge and support required to handle the realities of having a loved one who is suffering from a mental health problem, substance misuse or behavioural addiction.

Family Coaches can play a crucial role in decreasing re-presentation rates by providing services with a team of individuals who are passionate about ensuring service users are properly supported by their families, and therefore less likely to relapse due to isolation and lack of support.


Course outline

Family Coaching training combines core recovery coaching interventions with modules designed specifically to educate participants about the complexities of family systems, how we enable dysfunction and keeping the family unit safe.

Learning outcomes

  • Coaching - an introduction.
  • Social and family networks - an introduction.
  • Routes to recovery. 
  • Ethics - professional and personal boundaries.
  • Understanding the helping relationship.
  • Self-disclosure.
  • Developing emotional intelligence.
  • Dual relationships.
  • Pro-social modelling.
  • Safeguarding and risk management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Assumptions and projection.
  • Core conditions.
  • Positive parenting.
  • Making your environment safe.
  • Healing from shame and guilt.
  • Facilitating linkage to mutual aid. 
  • Community asset-mapping.
  • Assertiveness and boundaries. 
  • Understanding healthy relationships.
  • Mindfulness practice.
  • Self-care and compassion.
  • Discovery and authenticity.
  • Altruism and making good.
  • Challenging stigma, shame and social exclusion. 
  • Recovery thinking - creating meaning and purpose.
  • Wellbeing - routes to happiness.

Maximum numbers



Five days

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